Our Story

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, My Guide Network began in 2016 with a young and entrepreneurial team seeking to apply innovative ideas and technologies to the global travel market.

Our mission is to enable millions of travellers to book desired experiences in a fast, efficient and agile manner, providing solutions to businesses that allow their customers to do just that.

Today, as a leading online booking provider, we connect millions of customers with our partners every year. Our challenge is to meet the needs and surpass the expectations of our partners by providing them with the best technology, strategies and tools, empowering their brand, maximizing their goals and helping them scale to the top of the market.

How are we different from others?
Thanks to our local presence in destinations around the world, My Guide Network partners with exceptional local businesses that provide unique and memorable experiences, intrinsic to that location. We're passionate about beautiful venues, local flavours, unforgettable moments that embody a destination. We created My Guide Network so we can share the local, the small but wonderful, the one-size-does-not-fit-all experiences that enrich our world. We seek the unique and we share it.

My Guide Network Timeline

  • 2016
    20 Million Visitors

    Acquisition My Destination

  • 2017
    35 Million Visitors

    Launched My Guide x120 Destinations Worldwide

  • 2017
    64 Million Visitors

    AMP (Mobile SEO)

  • 2018
    85 Million Visitors

    Expansion into Latin America

  • 2020
    114 Million Visitors

    VISA Campaign Argentina/Chile Pilot

  • 2021
    140 Million Visitors

    Added Multilingual for increase traffic (Spanish)

Our Global Brand

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